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What I Really Wear,
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Proud of your outfit, worried it might not be "fashion" enough for the other comms? Post it here!
This community was a seed of thought grown from love of clothing and self-expression. Are you proud of the effort you put into your outfits, or even just proud of a new item you've added to your wardrobes? This is the place for you.

We thought there must be a way for us to showcase our stellar styles...Well this is it.

This community is moderated by redefine_you and notodette and the main reasons for moderation at all is to keep the peace, and make sure we all stay on the topic of AWESOME.

We are a fledgling community, just starting out in the big bad world of LJ, so please be patient as we set up our userinfo and layout more thoroughly, but in the meantime, have fun!

Show us what makes YOUR style unique.

Feel free to offer constructive advice on how to expand upon the looks presented here, but please be kind. If you don't like it, you don't have to pretend to, but this is not a place for snark and degradation, take it to SFD.

(Cassie was very generous to me in this info. This is part of my quest to wear something other than sweatpants everyday, no lie. I'm hoping you all can help me learn to match and shit. --notodette

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